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Teeth Whitening

Have you noticed your smile isn’t as white as in the past? If so, professional teeth whitening can help and is among the services available from Ron Nourian, DDS, at his Sherman Oaks, California, practice. When you’re ready to boost the shade of your smile, online booking allows you to schedule from home. You’re also welcome to call the office to book your visit.

Why is my smile less bright than before?

The best way to understand tooth discoloration is to think about the structure of your teeth. The outermost layer of teeth is a thin hard shell called enamel, which is naturally white. Just beneath lies another layer of hard tissue called dentin, which is naturally yellow. 


As the years pass, you lose some of your enamel, allowing more of the yellow dentin to shine through. That is why many older people experience a yellowing effect and why kids have such bright, white smiles. 


There are other factors that can lead to tooth discoloration, including:


  • Food and drinks that stain, like berries, wine, coffee, and even potatoes
  • Tobacco use
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Certain medications
  • Exposure to excess fluoride


Fortunately, there are treatments that can brighten the shade of your teeth, no matter what causes the discoloration. 

How does teeth whitening work?

You have options when it comes to professional teeth whitening, and Dr. Nourian can help you choose the path that fits your goals and lifestyle. 

In-office whitening

This approach uses professional-grade whitening gel carefully applied to the visible surfaces of your teeth. Your practitioner isolates your gums and other oral tissues before painting the whitening gel on. A special light activates the gel, which breaks apart stains and whitens teeth multiple shades during one visit. 

At-home whitening

This option allows you to customize your whitening effects. You simply apply a thin line of whitening gel into clear custom-fitted trays that fit closely over the surface of your teeth. This option delivers more gradual whitening, so you can simply stop when you reach your desired shade, then use the trays again if you need a boost. 


There are pros and cons to each of these options, but Dr. Nourian can guide you toward the right fit for your needs. 

What about over-the-counter teeth whitening options? 

There are numerous products that promise to brighten your smile, but none can match the power of professional teeth whitening solutions. It’s also important to note that using over-the-counter teeth whitening options can harm your teeth and gums. 


If you’re interested in a whitening toothpaste and mouthwash that can help extend your results between professional whitening visits, Dr. Nourian is happy to discuss the products he knows and trusts. He can also determine if your food and drink choices are causing discoloration and how to avoid dimming your newly bright smile. 


To book a professional teeth whitening visit, call Ron Nourian, DDS, today. Online scheduling is also an option and takes very little time to complete.


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