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Sedation Dentistry

If the idea of coming to see the dentist makes you anxious, you might want to consider sedation dentistry, an option available through the care of Ron Nourian, DDS. This approach has helped many in and around Sherman Oaks, California, get the dental care they need without undue stress. Call the office today to learn more or book an appointment using the simple online scheduling tool.

What is dental anxiety?

If you feel nervous or afraid of coming in for dental care, you might have dental anxiety. An estimated 20% of Americans have some form of fear surrounding going to see the dentist, so you are certainly not alone.


When those fears prevent you from getting the preventive or restorative care you need, however, you should search for a way to make dental care less stressful, like sedation dentistry. Delaying care can cause simple dental issues to develop into serious problems that require far more involved treatment. 


There is no single clear cause for dental anxiety. Each person who encounters this form of anxiety has a unique experience of it, ranging from a nervous stomach before appointments to scenarios where they would do anything to avoid coming in to see the dentist. 


For some, dental anxiety stems from a previous negative dental experience. If you’ve had a painful dental treatment or gone through some form of dental trauma, you might begin to associate all dental care with those feelings of discomfort. 

Am I a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can help many people get the care they need to support optimal dental health. Consider this option if you:


  • Have a fear of needles
  • Have a severe gag reflex
  • Can’t come in for multiple dental appointments
  • Can’t tolerate others in your personal space
  • Are fearful about dental treatments
  • Find yourself delaying care due to dental anxiety


Regardless of what led to your current state of dental anxiety, Dr. Nourian is highly skilled in addressing the issue through sedation dentistry as well as a highly personalized, unrushed approach to preventive and restorative care.  

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is an approach that uses oral medication to reduce fear and anxiety leading up to your dental visits. Dr. Nourian simply prescribes medication in advance of your visit, and the effects help you tolerate your treatments free from anxiety. 


Oral sedation is a form of conscious sedation. You remain awake and alert enough to respond to instructions from your dentist, but you won’t feel tense or anxious during your time in the treatment chair. 


Best of all, this type of sedation can extend for several hours, allowing Dr. Nourian to perform multiple treatments that would usually take several visits to accomplish. Once the effects wear off, you have little or no memory of the treatments, and your smile is far healthier. 


If you have questions or concerns about how sedation dentistry can improve your oral health, call Ron Nourian, DDS, today to set up a visit or schedule online at your convenience.


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