Laser gum treatment


Laser gum treatment involves the usage of a dental laser to remove inflamed and diseased gum tissue around the root of the tooth and kill harmful bacteria deep in the pockets that causes gum disease. The healthy tissue are unharmed in the process. This process creates an environment which allows the gum tissue to reattach to the roots in a healthy environment. The laser that is utilized ( Picasso Lite by AMD lasers) are minimally invasive and shown to result in less bleeding and pain after procedures. The usage of dental lasers are beneficial only when treated concurrently with scaling and root planing by a dental professional.


Gum disease is swelling and inflammation noted from your gum tissues that can affect the bone around the teeth. There are three stages of gum disease, from the least to the most severe:
-advanced periodonitits
There are certain signs and symptoms that you can look for and be aware of as gum disease can be painless and go on undetected for years. Unfortunately by the time pain is present the gum disease has progressed to the most severe stage- advanced periodonititits. At this point many patients have to have their teeth removed due to the lack of bone support of their teeth. The signs and symptoms are:
-bleeding , swollen and red gums
-gums that recede away from the tooth.
-loose teeth -bad taste in mouth or chronic bad breath
-pus surrounding the gum tissue around teeth
Scaling and root planing, along with regular cleaning visits at the dentist are the most effective way to fight gum disease.


Scaling and root planing is the most effective ways to treat gum treatment before it becomes severe. The procedure entails cleaning the gums and teeth of tartar and plaque buildup down to the roots. The dentist or hygienist may use local anesthetic to numb your teeth prior to treatment. An ultrasonic tool and hand instruments will be used to remove the tartar and plaque buildup.
Sometimes an antibiotic pellet may be placed after the scaling and root planing is done to speed healing and prevent infection. An antibiotic rinse may also be administered to ensure that the bacteria remain destroyed.

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